Title:Cushioning the shock of early retirement policy : a human resource management perspective of revitalising the teaching workforce
Author:Lingam, Govinda Ishwar
Subject:Retirement|Government policy|Fiji
Volume:Vol.32 no.2, 2012
Collation: p. 87-102


This paper focuses on dClJeloping and managing the teaching wurlifince in Fiji. 8pecifical!J; the paper examines the sudden lowering 'If retirement age 'If public servants including teachers and the need for the empif!ying authorities to manage their teaching uxnIifOrce more iffoctWely. Teachers are the most significant resource in schools, especUd!Ji in developing contexts as ~ pfo); a key role in children's education and school improvement ifforts. Based on the premise that teachers deserve the most attentWn, the paper highlights potential risks 'If inappropriLlte strategies for developing and managing the teaching worlifOrce, which could have for-reaching iffocts on all spheres 'If a nation's development. The paper argues the putting in place 'If mechonisms to avoid premature loss 'If teachers from the profission. The findings.from the literature discussed in this paper have implicatWns 'If relevance to education policies and pions, and identifies practices necessary to improve the management 'If teaching resources, an essential forerunner to improvement 'If the qualitY 'If education in Fiji.
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