Title:Climate change and renewable energy implications for the Pacific Islands of a global perspective
Author:Weir, Tony
Subject:Renewable energy
Renewable energy sources|Pacific Area
Climate change mitigation|Islands of the Pacific
Volume:Vol.32 no.2, 2012
Collation: p. 4-30


The 2007 Assessment Repori if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) implies that to avoid dangerous climate change it will be necessary to hold temperature rises to kss tIum about 2 DC above pre-imlustrial values. To achieve this goal will require gblbal greenhouse gas emissions to be 50% to 80% lower in 2050 tIum in 2000, aruf to begin declining i!Y 2015. Ibis is a nugor challenge to the world. ConsequentlY, the IPCC pablishd in 2011 a Special Repori on &newabt. Energy, which reviewed the state if the art, the current status aruf the technical potential if each if the main renewabt. energy (RE) teehnoblg!£.<, aruf thus the feasibilitY aruf cost if meeting these climate change targets through much increased use if RE. 1his paper outlines some ~ foulings if that Special Report, and their implications for the Pacific Islands. It concluct.s that the required gblbal increase in RE in plm;e if fossil.foels is technicaf!y aruf economicaf!y possibl4 especiallY if coupt.d with increases in ifJicienry if energy us~ But it will require signijicant investmen~ substantial institutional aruf social chang~ aruf the political will to drive such clumge. Such changes in the gblbal energy ~stem wouldflow through to Pacific Islnnd countms in the.form ifblwering the cost to them ifrenewabt. energy teehnolog!£.< aruf would bring benffits in terms if environmental aruf economic security. Nevertkekss, some.fortker climate change is inevitable, aruf the Pacific Islands will still need to adapt to more severe climate extremes. !l.cent resenrch suggests that without a rapid reduction if gblbal greenhouse gas emissions, the atoll countms if the region 1ll'!)' become II1Iinhnbitabt. i!Y about 2040 because if salt-water inwufation. TheJounwl. <
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