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Vol.22, 1998(9)

Title: Energy consumption and economic activity in Fiji

Author: Reddy, Mahendra
Subject:  Energy conservation|Fiji
 Energy consumption|Economic aspects|Fiji
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 81-96

Abstract: The high reliance on imported energy inputs by Pacific island nations has led to a search for an appropriate energy policy framework that could be utilised to reduce this dependency.

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Title: The causes and consequences of cane burning in Fiji's sugar belt

Author: Davies, John
Subject:  Sugarcane|Harvesting|Fiji
 Burning of land|Fiji
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 1-25

Abstract: The paper will summarise the organisation of sugar production in Fiji, as it is not possible to understand the motives for burning without being aware of the industry’s unique institutional structure.

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Title: Regional strategies : the Pacific islands and Japan

Author: Tarte, Sandra
Subject:  Economic assistance, Japanese|Oceania
 Oceania|Foreign relations|Japan
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 159-172

Abstract: Ownership of the Pacific’s tuna—so valuable to both Japan and the island states—continues to be a highly contentious issue.

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Title: The marginal child : a study of socially disaffiliated children in the South Pacific

Author: Mills, Graham G., Davies, Manuqalo
Subject:  Custody of children|Oceania
 Child abuse|Oceania
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 97-119

Abstract: This research is about children who live apart from their natural parents. It describes their case histories, life experiences and the vulnerability of their situations.

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Title: No Pacific studies, we're USP

Author: Naidu, Vijay
Subject:  Oceania|Study and teaching (Higher)
 Pacific Area|Study and teaching (Higher)
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. [191]-205

Abstract: [ Abstract not available ]

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Title: The politcs of managing urban development in Pacific Island states : the case of Samoa and Tonga

Author: Storey, Donovan
Subject:  City planning|Samoa
 City planning|Tonga
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 61-80

Abstract: Although Pacific Island (PI) towns and cities rarely feature in global accounts of urbanisation, the region’s urban areas are facing comparable problems of rural–urban drift and sustainability.

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Title: The global agro-food complex, neoliberalism and small farmers in Chili : Lessons for the Pacific Islands?

Author: Murray, Warwick E.
Subject:  Export marketing|Chile
 Export marketing|Oceania
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 27-59

Abstract: In this paper an attempt is made to trace out some of the possible implications of the globalisation of agriculture and neoliberal restructuring for small-scale growers in so-called Southern countries.

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Title: Teachers as agents of schooling and development in the South Pacific

Author: Sullivan, Terence J.
Subject:  Teachers and community|Oceania
 Oceania|Economic conditions
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 121-132

Abstract: Teachers, as members of a noble profession, have a twofold obligation: to contribute to the learning of the children under their care and to serve the community in its efforts to achieve its development objectives. This paper is based on the premise that these two roles are complementary rather than conflicting.

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Title: The dialectic of power : implications for management accounting and control research

Author: Nandan, Ruvendra Kumar
Subject:  Industrial management
Volume: Vol.22, 1998
Collation: p. 133-158

Abstract: This paper draws on the notion of the ‘dialectic of control’ as explicated in Giddens’ Theory of Structuration to understand the relational nature of power in organisational interaction process.

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