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Vol.33 no.1, 2013(7)

Title: An institutional analysis of value creation from Lami dump, Fiji

Author: Chong, Joanne, Asker, Sally, Plant, Roel
Subject:  Waste disposal sites|Fiji|Lami
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 96-113

Abstract: This paper presents a case study of the decision-making processes for the rehabilitation and reuse of Lami dump, Fiji, closed in 2005 after 60 years of contributing negative effects on human health, amenity and the condition of the surrounding environment

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Title: Sustainable sea transport research programme : toward a research-based programme of investigation for Oceania

Author: Prasad, Biman, Joeli Veitayaki, Elisabeth Holland, Peter Nut-tall, Alison Newell, Amelia Bola and John Kaitu'u
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 78-94

Abstract: This paper sets out the background, rationale and aims of a newly-established University of the South Pacific (USP) research cluster programme investigating the role that renewable energy might play for sustainable sea transport in the region

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Title: Lessons of experience in international democracy promotion : the case of Australia in post-coup Fiji

Author: Kumar, Avinash
Subject:  Democracy
 International economic relations
 Australia|Military relations|Fiji
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 62-77

Abstract: The international democracy promotion which began in the 1980s continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Today it is one of the major policy goals of the western democracies and the international organizations - the two main drivers that have turned the exercise of international democracy promotion into an industry on its own

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Title: Sidelines and solidarity : race and cultural hegemonies in the transition from mission to national soccer in Fiji and South Africa

Author: Prasad, Mohit
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 26-43

Abstract: Looks at the context and significance of soccer in assignations of race, ethnicity and class under colonialism and apartheid in soccer in two widely differing yet not totally dissimilar multiethnic, formerly colonial countries, Fiji and South Africa

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Title: Supply side obstacles to financing the private sector : empirical evidence from a small island developing state

Author: Sharma, Parmendra, Gounder, Neelesh
Subject:  State, Small|Economic conditions
 Developing island countries|Economic conditions
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 4-25

Abstract: In light of the positive growing finance-private sector-economic growth findings, this article examines, from a supply side perspective, obstacles to private scetor financing in Fiji, a growth deprived, small island developing state in the Pacific region

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Title: China's economic rebalancing amid global financial crisis : implications for the Pacific Island countries

Author: Yao, Shunli, Prasad, Biman , Xu, Meng
Subject:  China|Foreign economic relations|Developing countries
 China|Foreign relations|Developing countries
 Developing countries|Foreign economic relations|China
 Developing countries|Foreign relations|China
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 44-61

Abstract: This paper reviews China's response to the 2008 financial crisis and the new growth model from the perspective of its entire reform era

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Title: The role of social capital in post-flood recovery in Ba District, Western Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

Author: Yila, Othniel Mingtang , Weber, Eberhard
Subject:  Floods|Socail aslects|Fiji|Ba
 Flood damage|Fiji|Ba River
Volume: Vol.33 no.1, 2013
Collation: p. 114-135

Abstract: Flood are among the most significant and frequent hazards that affect communities in the Western Division of Fiji, often leaving in their wake displacements and death, and putting thousands at risk of sliding into poverty

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