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Chen, Hong(4)

Title: The mineral depletion-fuel imports Nexus and its effects on life expenctancy in Fiji

Author: Chen, Hong, Prasad, Biman Chand, Singh, Baljeet
Volume: Vol.34 no.2, 2014
Collation: p. 19-36

Abstract: This paper investigates the nexus between mineral depletion and fuel imports and its possible consequence on life expectancy in Fiji

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Title: Trade's impacts on production efficiency and technology in Pacific Island countries

Author: Chen, Hong, Prasad, Biman Chand
Subject:  Singh, Baljeet
Volume: Vol.35 no.3, 2015
Collation: p. 56-78

Abstract: Pacific Island countries have relatively high level of openness measured by the trade-to-GDP ratio; yet they are faced with the difficulty of making progress in economic development. This raises the concern whether trade works effectively to enhance economic growth in PICs. Answer to this question is particularly important since these countries have limited domestic sources to boost economic growth. This study aims to provide an answer to the above question by assessing exports and imports’ impacts on production efficiency and technology. The non-parametric data envelopment analysis approach is employed to calculate efficiency and technology levels for seven Pacific Island countries over 1970-2009; this is followed by panel regression analyses to assess trade’s impacts on production efficiency and technology in these countries.

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Title: Impacts of total factor productivity on agricultural growth in the Pacific Island countries

Author: Chen, Hong, Prasad, Biman Chand, Singh, Baljeet
Subject:  Agriculture
Volume: Vol.36 no.2, 2016
Collation: p. 6-22

Abstract: The agriculture sector plays an important role in small Pacific Island economies and has significant impacts on the livelihood of households. However, total agricultural production and productivity in these economies are generally low. This, together with limited sources of factor inputs, calls for improving technical efficiency and technology to enhance agriculture production. Based on the Malmquist index approach, this study computes growth of total factor productivity and its components, namely, pure technical efficiency growth, scale efficiency growth and technological growth for the agriculture sector of 15 Pacific Island countries over 1980-2012. Impacts of these productivity growth measures are further quantified by estimating panel data regression models using the generalized method of moments estimators. There is sufficient statistical evidence that agriculture’s total factor productivity growth and its components, which though are slow in Pacific Island countries, contribute significantly to these small economies’ agricultural growth.

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Title: An analysis of employment prospects in Fiji's urban area

Author: Prasad, Biman Chand, Chen, Hong, Singh, Baljeet
Subject:  Fiji|Rural conditions|Economic aspects
Volume: Vol.33 no.2, 2013
Collation: p. 28-46

Abstract: This study analyses the determinants of employment in urban Fiji.

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