Guidelines for Contributors

An article submitted to Journal of Pacific Studies is first read by the chief editor. If found publishable, it is sent "blind" to two reviewers. Their reports, together with suggestions from the editors, are sent to the author, who is requested to revise the article within a period of six weeks. Please note that the chief editor might request an author to revise the article before it is considered suitable to send to reviewers.


Please send two hard copies, double-spaced on one side of A4 paper, and an electronic version. The author's name and affiliation should be on a separate page, to maintain anonymity for the reviewers.


Articles should not normally exceed 3,000 words. Please include an abstract of 100-200 words.


Authors should write for an educated, but not necessarily specialist, readership. Footnotes and endnotes should be avoided, and tables and figures kept to a minimum. Authors should consult an issue of the journal on general matters of style e.g. headings, capitalisation, paragraphing.


Authors should make sure the references are complete, consistent and accurate.
Citations in the text should read thus: Chang (2002)
  (Peni 2000:35-8; Atalifo 1999:56-9)
All works cited in the text should be listed alphabetically in a References section on a separate page. Please use either the APA or the USP referencing style. (For the latter, see Three Rs for Academic Success by R.R. Thaman and Frances Pene, published by the Institute of Education, University of the South Pacific.)
Examples of the USP style are:

Mugler, F. and J. Lynch (eds). 1996. Pacific languages in education. Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Suva.

Bakalevu, S. 2003. Ways of mathematising in Fijian society. In K.H. Thaman (ed.) Educational ideas from Oceania. Institute of Education in association with UNESCO Chair of Teacher Education and Culture, University of the South Pacific, Suva.

Crago, H. 1989. Anna abridges Masha. Language Arts 66 (3):252-266.

Internet sources: full bibliographical details must be given, followed by the URL.

Complimentary copies

Authors will receive one complimentary copy.


As publisher of Journal of Pacific Studies, the University of the South Pacific holds copyright of all articles. Articles may be downloaded, printed and further distributed free of charge, either full or in part, by acknowledging the source. This must be done within compliance of relevant copyright laws.

The views expressed in Journal of Pacific Studies are not necessarily those of the editors or of the University of the South Pacific. The University of the South Pacific attempts to ensure that the information contained in Journal of Pacific Studies is accurate. Persons intending to act on any information contained herein should first check with the authors of material to ascertain whether any later information is available in respect of the relevant material.

No information stored on this server may be used for commercial or any other purpose, unless and until the University of the South Pacific gives its written permission.

The University of the South Pacific will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the possession, publication or use of or reliance on information obtained from this Web Site. It is provided in good faith without express or implied warranty.

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